Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thanks a Latte (not clever, or original. . . I know)

The Latte. One of the most popular choices in a Starbucks (for as you will see down the road, most drinks are variants on lattes; ex: White Chocolate Mocha, Pumpkin Spice)

Lattes are very simple - the most simple drink to make in my opinion. Here is the short, but sweet steps to making the drink so many people enjoy daily.

1.) As always, you begin with espresso
2.) The barista steams up milk, just like for a cappuccino, however this time we insert the steam wand all the way into the bottom of the milk pitcher (rather than steaming the top). This keeps the milk in a liquid form, rather than aerating the milk and turning it into foam.
3.) the steamed milk is poured on top on the espresso and BINGO! thats all there is to it.

NOTE: For an iced latte, all you do is mix the fresh espresso with chilled milk and add ice (very simple)

S0, if you are a frugal person, you may be thinking, "Hey, I can make these at home!"
You are absolutely correct. If you have a press (espresso or French press) then you are set. Just use a pan on the stove to heat your milk up, or for an iced drink, just pull the milk out of the fridge. Just as easy as that!

Here is a video illustrating someone making a latte at home (Note: she refers to it as a cappuccino, but with that lack of foam - it's a latte to me)

Click for Nutritional Facts.

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