Thursday, October 1, 2009

Start Small

So the first thing that people can get confused about the first time they walk into a Starbucks is the sizes of drinks. Starbucks doesn't use the terms small, medium, or large. Instead, they utilize an Italian system of sizes:

-"Short" (8 0z.)
-"Tall" (12 oz. and this is what you get if you ask for 'small')
-"Grande" (16 oz. pronounced GRAWN-DAY)
-"Venti" (20 oz. pronounced VEN-TEE)

Note: If you order an iced venti, it is actually 24 oz.

Many people get confused about this sizing system, so it's good to have the knowledge going into the store

Below is a clip from the film "Role Models" that shows Paul Rudd being upset about the sizing system of a unnamed coffee shop (presumably parodying Starbucks)

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