Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Breve" Is The Soul of Wit

So, if you are standing in line and you hear the woman in front of you order a "Grande Breve." Hmm. You say to yourself, what is that? Well folks, the breve is the simplest variation on an Latte imaginable. When you order a latte at Starbucks they will make it using 2% milk (unless you request otherwise). All that a Breve is is a latte made with Half & Half.

That's it, people. Espresso. Half & Half. Foam. Bingo!

Whats the Point? Well, when you make a latte with Half & Half it is WAY creamier and tasty (ignore the fact that it has a bunch more calories).

So there you have it. Breve. Simple.

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