Friday, November 20, 2009

Don't Be One Of These People

This video is an advertisement for Dunkin Donuts, one of Starbucks chief competitors. This advertisement makes it seam impossible to order a drink at Starbucks and pokes fun at the use of Italian in the menu. But don't fret, you won't need to "order drinks in English, not Fritalitan." Starbucks offers customers a pleasant experience above a great cup of coffee and the lingo as all a part of the recipe. This Starbucks Dictionary will put the ordering power in your hands.

Monday, November 16, 2009

It's Your Turn: Tell Me the Craziest Drink You've Heard Of

We have all been in this situation before: the person in front of you in line just listed off a drink title that took 2 full breaths it was so long. Well, I am here to help you Starbucks-lovers, so feel free to post and ask me about any drinks you've heard of and are interesting to you. Come on! Don't be shy

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Nice Chart

This chart shows many of the drinks Starbucks offers and shows simple illustrations with the ingredients. I found this chart on

Caramel Macchiato

Finally! We will be able to understand this crazy looking drink that no one can pronounce.
Let's start there, pronunciation: CARE-AMEL MACH-E-AH-TOE

This drink is on of the most popular drinks we make and yet I've found no body really knows what is going on inside the cup, so here we go...

1.) Start with vanilla syrup (NOT CARAMEL, this is a common misconception)
2.) Steam up milk, and make a bunch of foam, as if you are making a cappuccino
3.) Use a spoon and scoop out the foam and place it into the cup until it is 1/2 full
4.) Pour the milk into the foam (it won't rise that much because the foam is not very dense)
5.) Once the milk/foam is about 1 inch from the top of the cup - then add the espresso
6.) Top the foam off with a nice lattice of caramel and that's all there is to it

The espresso will sit between the milk and the foam and you can either mix it, or drink it the layered way.

NOTE: "Macchiato" is Italian for "marked" and it makes sense because the foam is marked by the espresso as it passes through into the cup.

IF ICED: the drink will be made the same way, just with cold milk and ice added before the espresso.

Click for nutritional facts

"Breve" Is The Soul of Wit

So, if you are standing in line and you hear the woman in front of you order a "Grande Breve." Hmm. You say to yourself, what is that? Well folks, the breve is the simplest variation on an Latte imaginable. When you order a latte at Starbucks they will make it using 2% milk (unless you request otherwise). All that a Breve is is a latte made with Half & Half.

That's it, people. Espresso. Half & Half. Foam. Bingo!

Whats the Point? Well, when you make a latte with Half & Half it is WAY creamier and tasty (ignore the fact that it has a bunch more calories).

So there you have it. Breve. Simple.